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In order to commercialize the production of Grupo Los Lazos in the domestic and foreign markets, several companies emerge.

Santa Sylvina Acopio Inc. has three plants located in the most important agricultural areas of the country: Clason, Olavarría and Balcarce. The Clason plant is located in the central region of Santa Fe Province. These facilities have a capacity of 42,000 tons. It stores cereals and oilseeds produced in Estancia La Merced, Estancia El Embrujo, and those coming from a wide range of customers. This plant is one of the most important in the area due to the annual volume it sells. The grains that enter the plant are wheat, sunflower, sorghum, corn and soybeans. The Olavarría plant has a storage capacity of 23,000 tons. It receives the agricultural production of Estancia Santa Dominga. The Balcarce Plant is located within Estancia El Volcán, and has a storage capacity of 35,000 tons. It stores the grain produced in said establishment. This brings the total installed capacity to 100,000 tons.

Coragro Inc. is a grain trader company that operates in the Rosario Board of Trade (La Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario) and is also a shareholder in the futures exchange market. It trades all the grains gathered by Santa Sylvina.

It started operating in 1992, exporting cereals from its own production as well as from purchases from third parties, to different destinations. Its volume of export operations is around 45,000 tons per year.